If the perfect carpet is what you’re looking for, the good news is that it’s closer than you think. In today’s post, we’re going to give you four tips for choosing carpeting that is everything you need it to be and more, so follow along with us today.

A floor covering you’ll love

The best carpet will look great, feel great, and last as long as you need it to, but how do you find that perfect option? Here are four tips for your consideration as you plan your upcoming new carpet experience.

1. Durability – This is where you'll start to determine that your carpeting meets the requirements for holding up under your in-home traffic levels.
2. Décor-matching – Once you’ve found a floor covering that will last, you can focus on plushness, colors, style, and design, to create the perfect décor match in every room.
3. Added benefits – These can include built-in stain protection, hypoallergenic fibers, or specific piles that can cater to more of your requirements.
4. Professional installation – This could be the most overlooked requirement of all., It is the best way to ensure your peace of mind, your warranty, and your installation, so be sure to speak with our flooring professionals about your professional installation while you're here.

Consider our showroom for your carpeting

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From our Jerseyville, IL showroom, we proudly serve communities like Carrollton, Edwardsville, Godfrey, and Alton, and we'd like to provide your perfect flooring as well. So take time to visit us for the floor covering you can’t live without, and we’ll make sure that you find it.