Any carpeting pattern with layered color and texture is popular now. For instance, florals are popular, especially when it is a gray rug with some intricate, colorful flower designs.

Another example is the Berber style. This relatively neutral rug now has thicker loop piles and deeper pile cuts.

Berber color flecks once only appeared on tan, beige or cream backgrounds. They also appear in backgrounds in the "new neutrals" of soft greens, pale yellows, and blue.

Carpets were once a plain, neutral backdrop, used mainly in the bedroom. Now they're moving into all rooms, with patterned soft surface floor covering more popular than ever.

Inspired by maximalism

This is the exact opposite of minimalism. It features bold colors and loud patterns inspired by "living out loud."

It encourages people to express creativity through the floor. One popular pattern is the Moroccan trellis, a geometric-inspired by Arabesque tiles.

You'll also see hexagons, big circles, and themed carpets.

Earthy neutrals + texture = pattern

Combine your rug's neutral color palette with a lot of texture, such as the frieze or cut & loop. Cut & loops especially create patterns through various fiber heights.

Use that same philosophy with ribbed or plush carpeting.

Something for everyone

Think of the floor as your canvas with carpet as the art. A patterned rug will stand up to the test of time because of the color and various design elements.

Walking into our carpet store, you'll see styles ranging from shags to loops, cut-piles, and Saxony. In addition, you'll see brands such as Mohawk, Godfrey Hirst, and more.

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