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Waterproof flooring in Jerseyville

Waterproof flooring can all look the same from a distance. They can blend in easily, as the look is indeed luxurious. However, once they are installed, it only takes a moment of stepping on them to realize whether you have good or bad plank. To distinguish between the two, you’ll need to know a bit about how thick they are, whether or not they have a wear layer, how well the embossing is registered, and more.

Waterproof flooring thickness

You might be tempted to think that the thicker the vinyl, the better, as a rule. This is certainly the case in high traffic areas! However, it is possible to get away with a thinner vinyl in a room such as your bedroom.

One of the biggest factors in choosing the thickness of your waterproof flooring is the condition of the underlying subfloor. The sturdier the subfloor, the more you’ll be able to get away with thinner waterproof floors. Concrete subfloor is a good example of this. On the other hand, if your subfloor is thin hardwood, or older materials, the thicker waterproof floors will be needed. It can help provide stability and is much more stable than the thin option.

Importance of a wear layer

The wear layer is most often made of PVC film that is applied over the top of the design layer. It is responsible for not only extending the lifespan of the flooring, but also increasing its resistance to stains, scratches, scuffs and water damage.

Measured in “mils”, the wear layer thickness can range from six mils to 20 mils. Of course, the thicker this wear layer is, the more durable your waterproof floors will be. In high traffic areas, you really can do with no less than the thickest possible availability. However, lower traffic rooms will not need that much.


The overall design of waterproof floors is achieved in the embossing. Light embossing gives the luxury vinyl planks a nice smooth stone look. These are most often seen in waterproof floors that is manufactured to look like concrete or granite.

Heavier embossing comes out looking like hewn stone or clefted stone. It’s much more of a rough look, with a deeper grain and feel to the overall pattern. This look could go well in some kitchens, foyers, or entryways, to name a few.
Wood look waterproof floors in Jerseyville IL from Jerseyville Carpet & Furniture Galleries

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